Brief history on medina:

-Red Medina Sandstone was first mined in Medina NY which is located in Orleans County west of Rochester NY. 

-The first commercial quarries were opened in Medina around 1837 and mining continued there into the 1920s.
-Medina was shipped east via the Erie Canal System and later the railroad.
- It was shipped as far as England where it can be found in Buckingham Palace, also in the Brooklyn bridge and the New York State Capitol staircase is made of Medina Sandstone.

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-Typically sourced from the east coast, from New England
to Georgia.  Inventory changing daily.
-The time period at which the stone was mined can typically be determined by the style of how it was cut or processed. The oldest curb stones typically were chisel cut or broke on both faces, where the newer material will be smooth sawn on both top and bottom and the lengths tend to be more true due to more modern methods of splitting the granite slabs.

Pink Granite

Pink Granite


  • Verious lengths, heights and thicknesses available.
  • Many colors.
  • Different cuts, double sawn (top and bottom cut smooth) single sawn (top cut smooth, bottom has a rough chiseled look, Un-cut (entire stone chiseled)
  • Colors - many variations in color: gray, white, red, pink etc.
  • Price varies on quality and is sold by the lineal foot
  • Straight and redius pieces available.
  • Great for steps, flower beds, retaining walls, walk ways.
  • Shorter pieces available for pavers.
  • 12-16" heights
Red Medina Curb Stones
  • Various lengths available.
  • Rich Red color.
  • Smooth top, with a rough chiseled bottom.
  • Excellent for steps, retaining walls, walk ways etc.
  • Price is per lineal foot and varies with quantity.

Radius Granite

4 Inch Double Sawn Granite

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